Terms and Conditions

1. General

1.1. Football Club Maccabi Tel Aviv ("The Company" or “Club"), is the owner and operator of the site: https://shop.maccabi-tlv.co.il (the "Site"). Use of the Site and its contents is subject to the terms of use outlined in these guidelines ("Terms of Use").

1.2. The user must read the Terms of Use carefully before using the Site. Use of the Site and its contents indicates your permission to meet these terms.

1.3. The site is intended for private use only and any commercial use without the prior consent of the Company's prior written consent is prohibited.

1.4. The use of the masculine form these terms is provided for convenience only and these conditions apply to all users of the site.


2. Intellectual Property

2.1. All intellectual property rights on the site, including copyright, designs and trade secrets, are the property of the company, or of third parties who have provided the Company agreed use of their intellectual property. These rights apply, inter alia, the graphic design of the Site, its database, its contents, the Site's computer code and any other related construction and operation.

2.2 Copying, reproducing, distributing, selling, marketing and/or translating any information from the Site (including trademarks, pictures, texts and computer code) digitally or by any other means, without limitation and without the Company’s prior written consent and express permission is strictly prohibited.

2.3 Use of data published on the Site and/or use of any data published for presentation on the Site, or any other service without obtaining the Company’s prior written consent and express permission are subject to the terms of agreement (if granted) is strictly prohibited.


3. Disclaimer

3.1. Use of the Site is at your own risk and responsibility. Content on the Site is intended for use (as is) and is not obligated to adapt to the needs of each individual. There can be no claim and/or lawsuit and/or demand against the Company in respect to the properties of the content, capabilities, limitations, compliance with your needs or responses resulting from the publication of content on the Site.

3.2. The Company is not obligated that the content and services of third parties, including the content and service providers and users, as published on the Site including by means of links are complete, correct, lawful or accurate. The company will not bear any responsibility for any results in relation to, or use of, or reliance thereon.

3.3. The Company encourages you to be cautious and careful with any content published on the Site including the contents posted by users of the site (as far as these contents are posted on the Site), including the content posted by the Company.


4. Indemnification

The user undertakes to indemnify the Company, its employees, directors or its designee for any damage, loss, loss of profits, payment or expense incurred, including attorney's fees and court costs - due to terms of use violation.


5. Links

5.1. On the Site there are links to other sites. The following regulations apply to the use of these links, without taking away from the other Terms of Use.

5.2. The links solely for the convenience of the user.

5.3. Regarding links to external websites not affiliated with the Site ("External Sites"): Unless otherwise stated on this site, the Company and the External Sites do not have legal or commercial relationships, and the Company has no control and/or responsibility for the content on these sites.

5.4. The Company is not responsible in any way, shape and/or form of how the content found on  the External Websites and services provided to them (including in relation to the sale of tickets and/or other products).

5.5. It should not be interpreted that by providing links to External Websites there is approval, recommendation or favoring by the Company to third party sites, including documents and other material therein, operators of the sites or of products offered and/or sold them.


6. Use of Privacy Policy

6.1. Since the Company respects the privacy of the users of the Site, the Company has decided to publish its policy in relation to privacy protection of the Site who commits to maintain this policy. The purpose of the policy is to explain the Company practices in relation to privacy for the Site users, and how the Company uses the information provided to it by users of the Site and/or collected by using the Site

6.2. When using the Site information is gathered about you. Some of the information is personally identifiable to you, which means your name and your address, payment method you used, and so on. This is the information you provide knowingly and willingly, for example when you register to use the services. Some of the information is non-identifiable information that does not identify you personally and is not stored. This is primarily statistical information. For example, statistics on the advertisements that have been read on the Site, pages that have been viewed, offers and services of interest to you, the Internet address (IP) address from which you are contacting the Site from and more.

6.3. Registration for use of services. The Company requires only the necessary personal inf

6.4. Database. The data collected will be stored in the Company database and it is their responsibility.

6.5. The use of information. The use of information collected will be used only in accordance with this Privacy Policy or the provisions of the law, to:

6.5.1. Allow to use the services of the Site;

6.5.2. Improve and enhance the services and content offered on the Site;

6.5.3. Modify or cancel existing services and content;

6.5.4. To purchase products and services on the Site - including publication of information and content;

6.5.5. To target the advertisements when you visit the Site to areas of your ​​interest.

6.6. The information used by the Company will be primarily statistical information but may also contain information about the purchaser.

6.7. Electronic Direct Mail. The Company would like to occasionally send you e-mail information about its services as well as marketing and advertising; You can always opt out and stop receiving these advertising and marketing materials. The Company will not give your personal information to advertisers. However, it may transmit statistical information about user activity on the Site. Statistical information transferred will not personally identify you.

6.8. Providing personal information to a third party. The company will not transfer personal information that collected on the Site to third parties except in the following cases:

6.8.1.If you purchase products and services from a third party who is offering them for sale via the Site. The information to complete the purchase will be forwarded to the third party if required;

6.8.2. In the case of a legal dispute between you and the Company that obligates the Company to submit the information;

6.8.3. If there are unlawful acts on the Site;

6.8.4. If the Company receives a court order to submit details or any information about you to third parties;

6.8.5. If the company sells, assigns or transfers in any way the activity and/or operation of the Site – and/or should it merge with another entity or merge the activity of the Site with a third party provided that the Company will subject itself to the privacy policy.

6.9. Cookies. The Company's Site uses cookies for proper operation of the Site, and to collect statistical data about use of the Site, to verify information, to adapt the Site to your personal preferences and security. Modern browsers include an option to avoid receiving cookies. If you do not know how to do this, check your browser's help file.

6.10. Third party advertisements. The company allows other companies to manage their Sites' advertising system. Ads that you see when you come to visit the Site are from those companies. To manage their advertisements properly, these companies use Cookies. Cookies allow them to gather information about the sites you have visited and can place advertisements which relate to you. The use of Cookies by these companies is subject to their own privacy policies, not the Company's privacy policy.

6.11. Data Security. The company implements safety systems and procedures up to date information security. Although such systems and procedures reduce the risk of unauthorized entry, they do not provide absolute security. Therefore, the company does not guarantee the service will be absolutely secure from unauthorized access to information stored therein.

6.12. The right to review the information. According to the Privacy Law - 1981, all persons are entitled to examine the information which is held in a database. If such information is found to be inaccurate, incomplete, unclear or updated, one may contact the owner of the database to amend or delete the data. Such request should be addressed to: Shop@mtafc.com or fax number: 03-9542925 or by regular mail to: Maccabi Tel Aviv, Israel Shearith Israel 37, Tel Aviv-Jaffa.

In addition, if the information in the database now used for purposes of personally soliciting you, you are entitled under the Privacy Protection Act of 1981 to have written information pertaining to you deleted from the database.

6.13. Changes to Privacy Policy. Should there be significant changes implemented relating to the use of personal identifiable information a notice will be published on the home page of the Site.

6.14. Electronic Direct Mail and SMS; Marketing materials and advertising. Maccabi Tel Aviv Football Club is notifying the user that the information provided by the user will be used by the Club and/or other related entities in order to send information about Club activities, including offers to purchase Club products as well as any updates and/or promotions and special offers, newsletters and/or other information to the fans. At any time you may request to be removed from the Maccabi Tel Aviv FC list by clicking on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page.


7. Sale of Goods

7.1. Any user who fulfills the conditions specified below may register or login to be able to buy products through the Site (“Acquisition");

7.1.1. The user is able to perform legal acts. If you are a minor (under 18) or you are not entitled to perform legal acts without the consent of a guardian, in order to use the Site you must have the guardian's approval.

7.1.2. The user must have a valid Israeli identity card or be a legally incorporated company registered in Israel.

7.1.3. The user must have valid Israeli or International credit card, issued in Israel by one of the credit card companies.

7.1.4. The user has an Internet email address and has an address in Israel and/or abroad


7.2. The products offered on the site

7.2.1. Any product or service that is offered for sale on the Site is shown on a sale page”. A sale page includes the name of the product and/or service offered for sale, the price and/or service offered for sale, the shipping price and the price including shipping fees.

7.2.2. Pictures of the products featured on the Site and/or sale page are for illustration purposes only.

7.2.3. Product information is taken from the manufacturer or importer data.

7.2.4. The warranty is limited in liability. Warranty conditions are subject to the terms and conditions of the warranty card of the manufacturer and/or importer.


7.3. Store sales methods

7.3.1. The store displays a list of products which includes all of the details about the product and/or service offered for sale for which the price is predetermined, and the sale via the Site is subject to availability.

7.3.2. The completion of the sale is on condition of approval and validation by the credit card company and that the desired product is in stock in the online store warehouse.


7.4. How to place an order

7.4.1. You must register on the Site by accurately entering all the requested information as this is a precondition for making a purchase ("details"). Only after registering and filling out all of the information accurately will one become a “purchaser”.

7.4.2. Billing the Purchaser for the cost of the product and/or service ordered by them can be made by credit card, after the approval of the transaction by the credit card company.

7.4.3. Information that is entered on the registration page and the registration of the transaction on the Company computer will constitute that the transaction is accurate.

7.4.4. Submission of false information is a criminal offense and one who does so will be subject to criminal and civil legal proceedings.

7.4.5. If the transaction is not approved you must contact the credit card company to check why the transaction was refused.

7.4.6. For more information you can contact the Company directly via e-mail: shop@mtafc.com


7.5. Cancellation and Returns

The Purchaser may cancel the transaction subject to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act 1981.


7.6. Product Supply

The Company will supply the products purchased on the site to the best of their ability to the address entered on the registration page, within the time specified during the sale of the product, unless otherwise specifically stated. The Company will deliver the products in accordance with the terms of delivery specified during the sale, subject to the full payment made via the credit card. The Company is not liable for delay in product delivery in the following cases:

7.6.1. Force majeure due to war, hostilities, emergency and/or natural disasters

7.6.2. A strike at the supplier of the products and/or services necessary for the production and/or delivery of the products.

7.6.3. Any reason that is out of the Company's control.

7.6.4. Where the shipping company and/or supplier have limited access to the area due the products and/or services, the buyer will be entitled to the delivery of the products and/or services to a site nearby in coordination with the shipping company and/or supplier.

7.6.5. The supply of products and/or services noted on the sales page include business days only of Sunday-Thursday excluding Fridays and Saturdays, holiday eves and holidays.

7.6.6. If it is possible to pick up the product by the buyer at one of the branches of the Company, the customer will need to make a prior appointment with one of the branches of the Company or after receiving a text message to your mobile phone that the product is available at the selected branch for pickup.

7.6.7. Product supply to your home is by made by courier service or to the nearest post office of the customer by registered mail as outlined in the order.

7.6.8. The transportation and delivery of products and/or services by the Company includes: all the necessary activities that need to be done at the warehouse until the delivery of the products and/or services to the Purchaser which include receiving, sorting, packaging, labeling, shipping and delivery.

7.6.9. In some cases a product and/or service that appear on the Site may be out of stock. In this case the online store will be in contact with the Purchaser. The buyer will not be charged and the order will be canceled.

7.6.10 Should there be a technical issue of technical issue with the website, orders may be cancelled and a full refund will be issued.


7.7. Shipping fee

7.7.1. The shipping fee will be paid by the Purchaser as part of payment for the product and/or service which includes the shipping fee.

7.7.2. It should be noted that if the product is picked up by the Purchaser, as provided in section 7.7.3 the product will not be subject to shipping and handling fees.

7.7.4. Shipping and handling associated with a product may vary due to the Purchaser’s address.


8. Law and Jurisdiction

The laws applicable to the use of the Site and conditions of use, is exclusively Israeli law. Jurisdiction and exclusive of the Tel Aviv District Court.

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