Opening Hours Of Club stores

An update of the store’s operating hours:

Kiryat Shalom:

The store will be closed on 09/07/24.

* The flagship store at the Bloomfield Stadium (3 HaTehia St., Tel Aviv-Yafo, between Gate 11 and Gate 13)

Opening hours:

Sunday – Thursday – 10:00-18:00

Friday – 10:00-14:00

On Maccabi Matchday in Blumfield the store will open on 12:30.

On days when other teams host their games at Bloomfield Stadium, the store will close earlier than usual.

* MTA OUTLET: The store in the training complex in Kiryat Shalom (Derech Ben Zvi 106, Tel Aviv)

Opening hours:

Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday – 14:00-18:00

When there’s a home game in Bloomfield, the store is closed.

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Working Hours: Sunday-Thursday 16:00-10:00 by phone 079-6079615

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